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About Us
Meet the people who are passionate about making the Internet a safer place

We're not the only ones promoting passwordless—

But we perfected it

We’re a group of visionaries and boundary pushers who dreamt of a safer digital ‘verse. We spent years becoming subject experts and assembling a team with the passwordless passion  to see our mission to the end.


The result? A secure digital identity for everyone. It’s our life’s work and it has never been more important than now.

We have re-invented the transistor when it comes to authentication and it's all because of a group of people passionate about changing the face of Digital Identity.

Shane Young

President & CEO




Our personal and professional lives have gone digital: we live, work and play in cyberspace. It’s a global commons where billions of people are linked together to exchange ideas, services, and friendship.

If the value of this new global commons is about sharing, then its currency surely must be about trust.


-Team inBay

Brian Kronick


John Marshall 

Principal Architect

Andrew Jones

Software Team Lead

Denis Plante

Director, DevOps

Dr. Yang Hong

Crypto Researcher

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About inBay

As an enterprise-focused cybersecurity start-up based in Ottawa, Canada, inBay pioneered the first truly ‘passwordless’ authentication solution and is leading a revolution in digital identity. Founded on the premise that trust is the real currency in a digital world, we’re on a mission to make the Internet a safer place, beginning with #GoPasswordless.

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